Door Closer/ Opener Solutions

DICTATOR door closers/ openers - solutions and innovative products for over 80 years!

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Door Dampers

Slow down doors on the last centimeters, so they close silently and remain closed

Dictator door dampers are not conventional door closers – they are designed to catch a closing door just before it slams and then quietly and smoothly pull it shut. They help prevent noise disruption, hold the door closed and protect door and frame from damage.

Sliding Door Closer/ Opener DICTAMAT 50

the flexible mechanical closing system

The DICTAMAT 50 is a modular door closer for small and medium sliding doors with a maximum closing force of 100 N and an adjustable closing speed. It can be mounted on the most different rail systems.

Closing Springs

Closing springs are the most simple form of a door closer which close doors by means of a spring. Some models are designed for surface mounting, others for a mostly concealed installation in the door.

Door Closer TJSS T44

The door closer with arm.

Over 60 years of experience in the construction of door openers has been invested in the slim housing of the TJSS T44. Optimised with respect to efficiency, a long lifecycle and installation-friendly, it offers the greatest movement comfort for dorr widths of 0.6 to 1.4m


Door Brakes

Slow down the opening speed of doors and limit the opening angle

Dictator door breakes prevent doors from being thrown open at speed through carelessness or when caught by a gust of wind. By limiting the opening angle of the door and providing a constant damping effect they prevent damage to property and help to avoid personal injury. Particularly useful on external, outward opening doors.

Door Holders

Lock doors in any position

The Dictator ZE door holder is an elegant, yet robust, high quality product that allows a door to be firmly secured at any given position. Available in a variety of lengths and different finishes.

Sturdy ball type door stops are also available.

Swing Door Hinges

For the controlled and safe moving of swing doors

They swiftly and reliably return the swing door to the closed position, which also considerably reduces the often irritating noise level. Suitable for lightweight partition doors up to heavy duty industrial doors.

Release Buffer for Sliding Doors

Push to open touch latch for sliding pocket doors. With a gentle press the release buffer ejects the door leaf from the pocket and removes the need for a finger pull to be fitted on the leading edge of the door.

Mechanical Timer

Keeps open doors with door closer for a short period, complement for doors with door closer, holding open time adjustable

Floor Spring WAB 180

The WAB 180 floor spring is used for particularly heavy doors. It features a high load capacity and a long operational life and is suitable for doors weighing up to 600 kg.