Hydraulic Dampers

DICTATOR damping engineering comprises an extensive spectrum of different linear dampers, such as final dampers, oil dampers with fixings on both ends and high-performance dampers.

Besides these, DICTATOR offers a large range of radial dampers.

For all DICTATOR dampers applies that, in addition to the extensive standard range, there can always be manufactured custom-made dampers, also in very small batches or even single units.

Hydraulic damper calculation

Final Dampers

DICTATOR final dampers are available both as single and bi-directional dampers. Besides the extensive range of standard dampers, we design and manufacture custom-made units - of course also in small quanitity.

Oil Dampers

The exterior of oil dampers with fixings on both ends resembles a gas spring. But unlike gas springs they make sure that the flap or similar objects dont't move too fast during their whole travel and open/close at a controlled speed.

Radial Dampers

The DICTATOR radial dampers not only control the speed of sliding doors during their complete travel. Especially the new and patented lamellar radial damper facilitates individual solutions for the most different rotating and sliding movements.