Gas Springs

Whatever the nature of your Gas Spring requirement you can rely on our expert advice and depend on the quality of our Gas Springs. 

We don't just sell gas springs: here at Dictator we believe in providing solutions. If you’ve got a Gas Spring dilemma we’ve got the answer – our gas springs are hand crafted in our own Berlin factory to world class standards, design service backed up by an infinitely variable range. 

Our production is flexible enough to manufacture any quantity between a single gas spring up to several hundred gas springs.

Gas Springs Varieties

Push Type Gas Springs

DICTATOR push type gas springs are used in many different applications. They can be used to balance the weight of flaps, hatches, windows, machine guards or any moving part which requires a counterbalance to operate or control.

Floating Piston Gas Springs

DICTATOR push type gas springs with floating piston have been designed for applications which require slow and controlled operating speed. Particularly useful for applications involving sensitive equipment.

Pull Type Gas Springs

DICTATOR pull type gas springs are useful for applications where it is not possible to use a normal push type gas spring e.g. due to lack of space or difficulty in arranging suitable mounting points.

Locking Gas Springs

DICTATOR locking gas springs provide the normal function of a gas spring together with the ability to be locked at any position. Typical applications include height adjustable seating, backrests, workstations. Locking can be specified as either rigid or cushioned.

Variable Speed Gas Springs

DICTATOR variable speed gas springs combine the function of a gas spring with a hydraulic damper. They are ideal for applications which require the extending speed of the gas spring to be adjustable.

End Fittings & Brackets

Ensuring the optimum fit and function of every DICTATOR gas spring requires not only the calculation of force and mounting position but also careful selection of the most appropriate accessories.

Head over to our Applications page to see examples of Dictator Gas Springs in action

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