Fire Door Control Solutions

Dictator have been a reliable source of preventative fire protection systems and solutions for many years.

Our extensive product range includes a selection of individual components for stand alone use up to complete hold-open systems for complex fire protection installations.

We also have a range of Ex rated equipment for installation in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Fire Door Control Solutions preventative fire protection systems

Smoke and Heat Detectors

DICTATOR smoke and heat detectors have been tested in accordance with European Standard EN 54 and are approved for use as interruption devices in hold-open systems on fire protection closures. An ex-proof version is also available.

Power Packs 

DICTATOR power packs supply the direct current (DC) which is required to operate hold-open systems. Our power packs are tested and approved. Release switches are in accordance with official standards.

Ex-Proof Hold-Open Systems

The DICTATOR signal control S400 has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of EN 14600:2005, point This standard demands that every closing operation of a fire protection door/gate should be signalled by both acoustic and optical warnings, even during a power outage


Developed for use as hold open devices on fire protection doors. Available in a variety of models and sizes to provide as many installation options as possible

Counter Plates

Dictator counter plates are available in various sizes and types to complement our electromagnets. The variations in design provide many options to help simplify installation with a corrsponding electromagnet.

Door Sequence Selectors

To ensure good fire protection, double leaf fire protection doors require a system to ensure that they close in the correct sequence. Dictator provide various systems for this purpose, which can also be retro-fitted to existing fire doors

Door Check for Fire Doors

Fire protection doors fitted with spring closers often slam shut with a loud crash that can reverberate through a whole building. Dictator door checks prevent this source of irritation by catching the door just before it shuts and easing it quietly closed. The Dictator V1600F door check has been tested and approved for use on fire protection doors.


To make the work of installing hold-open systems as simple as possible, Dictator supply a wide range of accessories such as hand release switches and mounting brackets for electro-magnets.

HLS Thermal Bolt

Due to the high temperatures and differences in air pressure that can exist during fire conditions, large fire protection doors can sometimes distort causing a break in fire seal integrity. The Dictator HLS thermal bolt prevents this by securely and automatically locking the door into the surrounding framework